A Brief History of Farmhouse Dining Table Sets

The real origins from the farm table are something of the mystery. There are numerous theories about how exactly these tables grew to become integrated into many American farm homes at the outset of the 1800s. Possibly probably the most believable and well-known theory is the fact that American maqui berry farmers copied the designs which were around at that time, and fashioned tables that might be employed for work and for consuming meals. These tables soon grew to become the central meeting point for your loved ones while dining, plus they were frequently big enough to sit down 8 people at the same time. These were made to seat all people from the family in addition to any visitors that might have been visiting.

But who made the initial designs which were then copied? Many indicate three British men: Thomas Sheraton, George Hepplewhite, and Thomas Chippendale. They were the 3 primary furniture makers in England in the finish from the 1700s. Of those three, Chippendale printed a design book, titled ‘The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director’. It’s believed that editions of the book filtered right through to America in early 1800’s, and furniture makers there started to create designs much like individuals printed, however these tables started to become simplified to be able to cut the manufacturing time lower.

However, maqui berry farmers tended to create their very own furniture by hands, and they weren’t trained as cabinet makers. So that they started to help simplify the style of the tables they provided, and built these to last and survive the continual use they’d receive. It makes sense the sturdy, solid tables we all know as farmhouse tables today!

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