Dos and Don’ts while wearing a fleece jacket

If you are not into those big furry jackets which gives you a Polar Bear look then go for the cozy fleece for a comfy-cool look. All you need to do is to wear them with precision and proper styling. What you don’t want to do is look like a stuffed teddy bear or just someone who works in the backyard. To avoid that from happening you can simply learn a few do’s and don’ts for wearing a fleece jacket.

  • Do remember to keep your fleece clean. We understand that you may like these comfy jackets for men and women to be thrown in a locker when not worn by you but it is recommended to put them in a wash before you carry them on your body. It definitely makes a difference as it will give you more of a clean and sleek look that you have been looking forward to. The best option to do this is not pairing them with your workout gear. The rule is simple, keep them clean to keep them sleek.
  • Don’t forget about the fitting as it is one of the major factors that provides you the optimum look from the fleece jackets for men and women. For both men and women it is important to have the right fitting of the jacket otherwise the whole effort will go to a vein. Not just for the fleece but also the fitting of the bottom you are pairing it up with should be perfect according to your body type. If you are unable to get the perfectly fitted fleece for yourself then what you can do is taking it for some tailoring, and that will surely help you get that look.
  • Do experiment with colors and patterns. You have a perfect chance to wear your favorite colors when it comes to a fleece jacket. Go crazy and wear different patterns of fleece jackets as they come in the variety. Many websites have a large collection of these jackets for men and women both like,,, and much more. There are so many options to choose from, all you need to do is chose the one that suits you the best.
  • Don’t wear your fleece with some theme on it like a flag or any campaign advertisement. It is highly recommended to avoid wearing these kinds of printed fleece as all they do is make you look funny and not cool at all. It is better to avoid that go for plain or small prints on your fleece jackets for men and women both. It is good if you experiment with your fleece but too much of anything is not good for anything. It is better to keep things simple and cool, and that’s exactly how you want to look.
  • Don’t over layer your fleece. It is a good option to layer up your fleece over a cute t-shirt or a hood but over layering may make you look stuffed. It is advised to avoid too much layering and layer only as much as much you can carry according to the weather. If it’s cold outside, you may layer your fleece with a sweatshirt or a sweater.
  • Do invest in a good bottom that compliments your fleece jackets perfectly. For both jackets for men and women, it is important to focus on what you are pairing up your fleece with in order to get the kind of look you want correctly. For women, you may pair your fleece with a cute pair of jeans or a skirt. For men, you may pair your fleece with pair jeans for a cozy look or with a pair of trousers for more of a sleek formal look.

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