Here’s What You Can Buy At Groovy Goods Hippie Store In Des Moines!

A lot of us love the zest and fun of hippie lifestyle. No matter whether you are a hippie or not in real life, you have to visit the Groovy Goods Hippie Store if you are in Des Moines. In all fairness, this is more than just a store – this is where people share their passion, give back to the community and enjoy shopping like it’s no one’s business. As the best hippie store in Des Moines, Groovy Goods offers everything that you need, and in this post, we are just doing an overview of what they stock.

  • Family apparel. The store spends a considerable amount of time selecting clothes and apparel for the entire family, which can be anything but generic. The collection can be summed up in one word – ‘wow’.
  • Accessories. You cannot think of looking like a hippie, unless you have the right accessories, and in that department, Groovy Goods covers everything. Their bag collection is to die for, and each of the items are washable.

  • Stones & Crystals. Hippies love their stones, and the store naturally has a collection that boasts of the style and powers that these stones are known for. From the spheres and rock specimens to tumble stones crystals, there is something for everyone.
  • Incense and other accessories. For those who know the genre, they know what patchouli may scent like. There is also lavender, nag champa, citronella and lemongrass. Groovy Goods brings a range of scents and incense options that you wouldn’t find anywhere but in Des Moines.

  • Décor, posters and more. If you are a fan of the pop culture and have been inspired with names like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Marley, you will love the funny, stylish and unique designs and posters than this store has to offer.
  • For the skin. You also get a bunch of hemp-based products, including hemp oil. You can also buy Earthly Body line here along with products that are otherwise not found in regular stores.
  • Finally, there are golf discs, which are available for all seven days of the week, and the pricing at Groovy Goods is extremely affordable. In fact, they have been selling these products for more than one and half decade.

If you haven’t tried Groovy Goods as yet, you must include it on your list of must-dos in Des Moines. The experience here is beyond words!

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